Single Malt Whisky & Whiskey

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With the explosion in popularity of premium whisky around the world, it is important to understand exactly what a single malt whisky is. Single malt whisky can be and is produced all around the world. A single malt Scotch whisky is one which has been produced in Scotland.

 The word 'single' tells us that the whisky has been produced at a single distillery. By way of example, a Macallan single malt whisky must be produced at the Macallan distillery. The use of the word 'malt' means that only malted barley has been used as the grain in production.

A single malt whisky need not be from a single cask or barrel, in fact it is usually blended with whisky from a variety of barrels at that single distillery (this is usually done to achieve consistency between batches). Whilst we are here, the age statement (according to Scottish regulation), must be the youngest of the whiskies used in that blending process.