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Buy Single Malt & Blended Australian Whisky

Relatively speaking, Australian whisky is still fairly young with the start of Australian whisky distilling dating back to around 1820 (compared to the 1400's of Scotland). Since then it has gone through a number of periods including the 'colonial malt whisky period' and 'blended whisky period'. Today, many identify the Australian whisky market as being in the 'boutique whisky period'.

Owing to the efforts of Bill Lark, the Distillation Act of 1901 (which required a wash still no smaller than 2700 litres) was repealed in the early 1990's. This enabled the proliferation of craft distilleries around the country and changed the Australian whisky lanscape. Where previously it was prohibitive for a small distillery to produce whisky due to the large volume requirements, it was now viable for them to operate.

As of March 2020, there are 293 registered distilleries operating in Australia with around 50 having gone to market with product. The Australian whisky market is comprised mainly of single malt whisky but also includes rye, wheat and blended whiskies.

We are continually adding to our collection of Australian whisky and trust you will enjoy our current selection which include award winners Sullivan Cove and Iniquity. Cheers!